What is Bulk Sms on WhatsApp?

Bulk SMS on WhatsApp is an interactive way to connect with people powerfully and promote products digitally. It is an extension to bulk SMS service that enable businesses to share thorough details about the product or services with thousand of customers.

You send SMS to multiple mobile numbers. Customer receives the SMS and follows the given link that opens up in WhatsApp. When message opens in WhatsApp, it includes business-centric keywords that customer can send to receive detailed information on the product being advertised.

  • Business Profiles
  • Admission Details
  • Product Catalogues
  • Real Estate Brochures
  • Deals & Discounts Info
Bulk Sms on Whatsapp

How Various Industries use WhatsApp

whatsapp for business for broking industry

Leverage WhatsApp to complete document verification, automate responses to common queries, display account balance, offer live customer support, and more.

COD orders, automated order rescheduling & more with whatsapp for business

Confirm COD orders, set up automated order rescheduling, eliminate tickets related to order tracking by proactively setting up automated status updates for each order, and more.

whatsapp for business for Insurance industry

Leverage automated responses to help customers select the perfect policy, automate responses to common queries, send policy renewal reminders,
and more.

whatsapp for business for healthcare sector

Send appointment reminders,
test reports, prescriptions,
follow-up reminders and
offer customer

whatsapp for business for travel industry

Send seasonal offers
and promotional campaigns,
accept orders,
send reservation updates,
and more.

whatsapp for business for broking industry

Automate document collection,
offer customer service,
send GTT updates,
SIP reminders, account balance updates, and more.


access to verified profiles with whatsapp
Verified business profile

Lend legitimacy to your business communication by interacting with customers via a verified business profile

set up automatic message templates via whatsapp chatbot
Message templates

Help your agents speed up their responses by setting up message templates for various situations.

automated greetings with whatsapp for business
Automated greetings

Set up automated greetings introducing your business, or messages for when you’re away.

Multiple entry points with whatsapp for business
Multiple entry points

Make it easy for customers to reach you on WhatsApp with web or app widgets, QR codes, ads with click to WhatsApp, wa.me links.

Rich media messaging with whatsapp
Rich media messaging

Send and receive documents,
images, videos or other
files from WhatsApp.
Quickly and easily.

end-to-end encryption with whatsapp
End-to-end encryption

Put customers first by
securing their data
and conversations
with you.

Interactive messages with whatsapp
Multiple entry points

Send customers messages and collect responses via buttons – “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe”.

Access real-time analytics and reports with whatapp for business
Analytics & reporting

Access real-time analytics and reports on the number of queries resolved, agent productivity, and more.

What Bulk SMS on WhatsApp Can Do for Your Business

Connect with People & Promote Your Product to Wide Audience Base

  • Reach to the target audience anywhere in the world.
  • Advertise product as DOC, XLSX, PDF, PPT attachments.
  • Promote your product(s) in a detailed format, interactively.
  • Get analytics report of customers who viewed your message.
  • No more paper advertisements, promote your product digitally.
  • Share business information in most protected file format, i.e., PDF.
  • Present your product graphically to gain better customer attention.
  • Get keyword-focused marketing platform to promote your business.
  • Share company profiles and product catalogue to prospective buyers.
  • Gain insights to large user database who sent keywords to receive the message.
What Bulk Sms on WhatsApp