What is voice call service?

Easy to record, send and manage voice calls

Voice call services help you to reach customers easily with pre-recorded messages. Create your voice message and automate the calling process with few clicks. Easily manage and keep records of calls through bulk voice calling service. Use our services to send important information like

  • Alerts/ reminders
  • Business promotion
  • Latest offers and deals
  • Social campaigns
  • Customer surveys
Bulk Voice Call Service


High ROI
High ROI

Interactive voice broadcasting helps you to make more than 300% return on investment.

Web-based Platform
Web-based Platform

Hardware is painful. Software is powerful. Web-based platform will do the work for you.

Personal Touch

Create a personal touch with every person you reach and encourage for an action.

Surveys and Feedback
Surveys and Feedback

It can be used for surveys, feedback, urgent message, welcome or thank you messages.

It's Measurable
It's Measurable

You can measure the things. Track and analyze your reports to improve your next campaign.

Political Campaigns
Political Campaigns

Easiest and cost-effective way to reach all voters with your custom message. It makes difference.

Lead Generation
Lead Generation

It’s a best way to generate mature and qualified leads with minimum investment.

Cloud Solution
Cloud Solution

It’s a cloud based solution. You only need to pay for what you use.

Features of Voice Call Service

Click to call

Click to call service allows your caller to leave a number for call back.

Voice OTP

Voice OTP Call Service is the backup of SMS OTP, In case text OTP SMS is not delivered then the same OTP can be delivered via voice call.

Voice Quality

Superior Voice quality service even if you have heavy call flow.

Voice Call Service Provider in India
Regional Language

Connect to potential clients in a native language with unicode sms service for regional languages.

Highly scalable

Our smart voice gateway is designed for managing heavy voice call flow and can be scalable at any time.

Contest & voting

Voice call service is the best and cheapest tool for contests and voting.

Use Cases

voice broadcasting service is an excellent option for educational institutions and organizations that need to reach out to hundreds of students or employees. Our service is used for the following requirements:

Emergency Notifications

Voice broadcasting service sends mass phone calls to parents to inform them about class cancellation or exam postponement due to unexpected reasons.

Feedback & Surveys

Call campaigns after events are used to conduct surveys and gather feedback through polls or by allowing recipients to speak to a live representative.

Reminders & Updates

Reminder and update notifications to alert students of upcoming fee payments, exam schedules, and appointments to ensure that things happen as scheduled.

Employee Communication

Sending bulk emails and texts paired with corporate announcements to remind employees of upcoming staff meetings and other crucial information.

Promotions & Offers

Broadcasting information regarding coupons, seasonal discounts, offers, discount codes, and customer benefits to drive customer traffic and sales.

use cases of a voice broadcasting service